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Credit Repair Consultation

We are a company staffed by people who truly care about your situation. Credit Exterminator prides ourselves on our ability to accurately assess our client’s situation and focus on the key changes that are needed to achieve a serious credit score increase. We know that service and solutions are imperative, but timing and technique are also vital to help our valued clients repair their credit. Through guided strategies from our credit experts and deleting erroneous, unverifiable information reporting on your credit reports, we can help your increase your credit score. Our credit repair consultations review your current credit reports and scores and present a custom strategy to repair your credit. One of our highly trained credit analysts will assess your situation accurately and let you know what we can do, how long it will take and where your credit scores should be when we are done.

Credit Repair

At Credit Exterminator, we work hard to understand every aspect of the credit restoration industry. During our credit repair services, we apply that knowledge on our client’s behalf to ensure we are truly doing all we can to improve their credit profile. Credit Exterminator can help improve your credit score by working directly with the credit bureaus to remove inaccurate and negative items as well as coaching our clients to add positive trade lines with our credit counseling services.

Credit Counseling

Another way we can help you increase your credit score is by advising you on how to add positive credit. Credit Exterminator’s credit counselors can coach you on adding positive trade lines. In addition we can also continue to monitor your credit ratings to address problems early.

Credit Monitoring

Our credit monitoring services do just as it sounds. We monitor your credit reports looking for erroneous and negative account activity and help you identify mistakes on your credit reports. With our credit monitoring, you can rest a little easier at night knowing that you’ll be warned of negative items and able to address them quickly.

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